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20.04.2011 - Mali – Home

Our time in Africa was short now; in a few months we would be back in Europe, back in the UK, back home. Read more..


16 years old, giddied by our triumph at having managed to get served in a pub, we had drunk one too many Smirnoff Ice’s and had ideas about what we would do when we finished school. Travelling? We both currently had family and friends away experiencing the world. ‘We could do that’, ‘we wouldn’t be scared to go there, do that’, ‘When we’re older we’ll go travelling, do something really cool before getting a job and the real world.’

So it was set, we would go travelling, do the stereotypical trip of a lifetime. With the end of school been and gone and the end university approaching with ‘proper’ jobs on the horizon we once again found ourselves in a pub (we really aren’t alcoholics…) and quickly realised that if we were actually going to do some kind of trip the likelihood was that the only chance we would have was fast approaching.

So what? Where?

Well we wanted an adventure. But some of the most extreme sports and challenges can feel pretty uneventful unless they are done for a reason. How about picking something really quite crazy which few people have achieved before and using that to raise money for two charities which we strongly support? Perfect. That only left the question of where?

Sometimes a place just appeals, regardless of logic with other destinations cast aside due to strange assumptions or misconceptions. We tried to avoid that…

America? Too expensive, similar to home and neither of us can stand hearing our beloved game being desecrated by the phrase ‘Soccer’. South America? Too full of drugs and gangs, according to Ross Kemp no less. Australia? How would we get a car there?! Russia? Too cold, everything looks grey and I hate vodka. Thailand and East Asia? The done-to-death gap year destination, and this is going to be a ladyboy-free trip.

So that leaves Africa. It would be dangerous. We dusted off the atlas and began to plan. We would be in real trouble if we had mechanical problems in some places. But the unknowns scare and inspire us… I’ve never heard of people driving through that country. I’ve never even heard of that country! Do you think people have ever driven to the bottom and then driven home? Do you think we could? If we are going there we want to see it all. Let’s see it all then.

With both of us having an interest in cars and with family/friends having successfully completed the gruelling 6, 000mile Mongol rally (doff of the cap to Christian and Dan) we quickly decided that backpacking wasn’t really for us. Life on the road would be enjoyable, but more importantly achievable.

GeorgeAdamson_LandRoverStallednWater_SmIn addition to raising money, we didn’t want to just drive for months on end looking at people and places through our car windows. No, we wanted to stop and stay in places, get involved, meet people, do something constructive and have purpose to the trip. Throughout Africa we felt there would be no shortage of things to do and opportunities to help out projects where feasible.

One such project will be in association with link Ethiopia. We wanted to help with their work, hopefully further highlighting what they are doing across northern Ethiopia. With a combined love of sport and a Sports Science degree between us it was natural for us to be most effective at helping in a sport related environment. Therefore we will assist Link Ethiopia improve sporting provision and equipment in schools, with the aim of helping more youngsters experience the numerous health and social benefits that sport can provide. To see how sport can change people’s lives, providing inspiration and enabling friendships Link Ethiopia’s work with Circus Azezu is a shining example

As if driving nearly 30, 000 miles taking in 40 countries wasn’t enough, we intend to scale the highest mountain on the continent; Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro standing at 5,895 meters (19,340 ft). Hopefully, by adding this grueling climb to our itinerary it further demonstrates how much of a challenge we have set ourselves and it will help raise more money for our charities. Hell, I think I even heard Tom agree to do the world highest bungee jump if someone donates £2 for every metre of freefall he experiences, though he may have been a little intoxicated when he agreed…

Hopefully our trip could be a different and interesting way to create awareness of these charities and raise money.

So after a lot of thinking and ideas, some good and some not so good, a plan was formed. We want to interest people with our trip, publicise the charities we are supporting, successfully and safely drive to Die Hel, near Cape Town right at the very bottom of Africa via the East coast and return home via the West coast, before presenting our selected charities with large donations upon completion.

Simple really.

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